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this is bbc news. the headlines: police investigating yesterday's bomb attack at parsons green seek to establish whether a man arrested at the port of dover was part of a wider network. at this stage we are keeping an open mind around whether more than one person is responsible for the attack and we are still pursuing numerous lines of inquiry and at great pace. detectives are searching a house in sunbury—on—thames in surrey. residents of surrounding properties are evacuated from their homes. and the guns on the black masks daniel rowe, trying to walk your son darren, telling him it's all right, it's really quite scary —— all the guns and the black masks down your road, trying to walk your son down. at least four people are killed in a crash involving
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several vehicles on the m5 motorway in gloucestershire. the foreign secretary borisjohnson revives his contested claim that brexit could free up more money for the nhs. also in the next hour, hundreds of thousands of passengers are told their ryanair flights could be cancelled. the airline says it plans to axe up to 50 services a day for the next six weeks to improve punctuality. and ten years on from the collapse of northern rock, we hear about the secret plan that some say could have saved the bank. that's in inside out in half an hour. good evening and welcome to bbc news. detectives investigating the bomb attack on the london underground say they are continuing to hunt for suspects despite arresting an 18—year—old man, on suspicion of leaving the device on the train. they are keeping "an open mind" on whether more than one person
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was responsible for the bombing. 30 people were injured when it detonated yesterday at parsons green station. the man was taken into custody this morning in the port area of dover. the police believe the attack was motivated by islamist extremism. police are searching a property in the surrey town of sunbury—on—thames and evacuated several houses nearby as a precaution. our correspondent robert hall has the latest on the investigation from new scotland yard. the deputy assistant commissioner, from the counterterrorism unit. he's basically been leading us through what has been a very fast—moving day, here in london, down on the coast of kent and then back into surrey at lunchtime. there's been a little bit more detail on what's been going on. he was stressing right at the beginning and will come to it injust a moment, how hard the police worked. they have been working round the clock, he said, through the night. the developments today have followed on from assiduous work looking at closed—circuit television footage, talking to members of the public, more than 100 witnesses, as you said.
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120, they've done 100 of them now. let's go straight to the deputy assistant commissioner now and hear a bit of what he had to say. i'd like to update you on the ongoing investigation into the terrorist attack at parsons green tube yesterday morning. after which i'm happy to take two or three questions. so, the metropolitan police and its partners across the counterterrorism policing network have been working around the clock and throughout the night to identify, locate and arrest those responsible for this cowardly crime. at approximately 7:50am this morning local police officers in kent arrested an 18—year—old man in the departure area in the port of dover. he was arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism. he's now been transferred to custody at a police station in london. officers from kent police had to partially evacuate the port of dover at around 11:40am this morning.
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and this was to enable them to search the premises as a precautionary measure. that work is now complete and they have recovered a number of items during that search. a short while later, again around 1:40pm, with the assistance of surrey police, met police officers also evacuated a house in sunbury on thames. as a precautionary measure, we evacuated the surrounding buildings and set up cordons within a 100 metre radius. i want to reassure the community that our experts are quickly and thoroughly searching that address and we are working to ensure that it is safe. once this is done, a detailed search will take place, but i'd like to thank residents in sunbury and people travelling in and out of the port of dover this morning, for their patience and understanding while officers carry out
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this precautionary, but important work. their support has enabled us to act swiftly. the police and surrey local authority are working to support displaced residents and get them back into their homes as soon as possible. at this stage, we are keeping an open mind around whether more than one person is responsible for the attack and we are still pursuing numerous lines of enquiry, and at great pace. a couple of points come out of that. when i pressed him at the end of that press conference about whether they believed the individual he detained had direct links, perhaps may have been responsible in some way for what happened yesterday, he wouldn't be drawn. he simply used the words which we heard a little bit earlier in the day, this was a very significant arrest. but again, stressing the open mind, stressing the fact that they were not ruling out the fact that there was a possibility there might be other people involved in what happened. one other piece of detail which we didn't know was the size
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of the operation at the port of dover during the morning. clearly, there was considerable disruption because he went on to thank travellers whosejourneys had been delayed, altered or affected in some way by that search in dover which caused a partial evacuation. that obviously went on for most of this morning. let's turn to this afternoon to sunbury—on—thames to the operation which began when convoys of police vehicles moved into that area very quickly, armed officers search specialists, that operation is still going on. john mcmanus is there for us this evening. john, just give, if you will, a sense of where you are for people who don't know that part of london, that part of the country and then perhaps a sense of what is going on? robert, this is a very unassuming part of surrey, sunbury on thames, south—west of london, not too far from the capital but a very unassuming kind of place. but this afternoon it was the centre of a major police operation which started at about 1:40pm in the afternoon. here on cavendish road, where
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residents were forced to evacuate after police started their operation. one man who lives nearby told me the first he knew anything was going on was that he heard a drone in the sky above him. and when he came out of his house, he saw police coming up the road here behind me and sealing it off and ordering residents to leave immediately for their own safety. those residents were taken to a rugby club nearby, staines rugby club, and that is where they remain at the moment. because as you can see, the road is still sealed off while police carry out a search at a house behind me. if you can see the house, it's the one painted purple and that's the focus of the police operations here this afternoon. they are ongoing at the moment but there has been a huge amount of disruption to local residents. one of them told me earlier about what had been going on. normal saturday afternoon, just getting ready to go out and do a bit of shopping. my seven—year—old said, mum there's something going on outside. so i had a look out the window and noticed police officers and shouted to a neighbour, what's going on?
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i was just told we had got to get out, we were being evacuated. then had an officer bang on the door, quite severely and said, come on, out now. "you've got two minutes". and that was it. i walked down the road. it was a really scary scene for what is normally a quiet town. never anything like this before, but having the guns and the black masks down your road, trying to walk your seven—year—old son down, telling him it's all right, it's all right. it's really quite scary. to be here, it's unbelievable, it really is. so, quite a scary and unsettling afternoon for many residents of cavendish road and this part of sunbury on thames this afternoon. we think about 200 people were evacuated from their homes this afternoon. a few of them have been going back in to collect valuables, medication and some of them to pick up pets, while we've been here. but most people haven't been allowed back into the road. we understand the local council is starting to
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make plans for them to be housed somewhere overnight, if this operation continues into this evening. so this operation, still underway here, this operation is still very much an ongoing operation, robert. john, thanks very much indeed. just to pick up on what he was saying. the deputy assistant commissioner, assuring people they were going to carry out the work they have to do there as quickly as possible, but the tone was, we've got a lot to do, there's a detailed search to be carried out. for safety reasons, and he wouldn't go into what that was — we need that evacuation zone to stay in place. we will complete things there, he said, as fast as they possibly can. the word reassurance is important today, because we are still at an alert state of critical, the possibility of an imminent attack, the possibility not ruled out by police in the last hour, that there may be others involved with what happened yesterday. that means the public still need to be vigilant. that was the message
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from the metropolitan police commissioner, cressida dick earlier and from the home secretary, when she came out of the government's emergency cobra committee meeting at lunchtime. people should remain vigilant, but the fact we are at critical, the fact soldiers have been called in to help support police to release armed officers from installations, out onto the streets to take part in these operations in these acts of reassurance is very important. so all of that is still very much going on. the operation in sunbury, still very much active and as we heard, an 18—year—old, in custody being spoken to by counterterrorism officers here in london. robert hall reporting. and we'll find out how this story — and many others — are covered in tomorrow's front pages at 1030 and 1130pm this evening in the papers. our guests joining me tonight playwright and commentator bonnie greer and journalist kevin schofield. at least four people have died
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in a crash on the m5 in south gloucestershire. it happened between junctions 15 and 1a, after a lorry crashed through the central reservation and collided with several vehicles in the northbound carriageway. the motorway is closed in both directions, and avon and somerset police say it will be shut for a considerable amount of time. highways england says traffic is queuing for about three miles. our news correspondentjon kay is at the scene. it was about 2:30pm this afternoon when this crash happened and avon and somerset police say a lorry came through the central reservation, so from the other carriageway, into this carriageway. came across the traffic and ended up over here. you can see just beyond these police vehicles. we understand that it struck a number of other vehicles and we are told that four people have died. 0thers, we're not sure of the exact number, but other people have been seriously injured and have been taken to hospitals in the bristol area, which is about ten miles south of here in the other direction. it's a desperate scene and people
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who witnessed it said as soon as it happened, people left their cars, abandoned their vehicles on the carriageway when the traffic came to a halt and ran to do whatever they could to help out. clearly, it was a very serious situation and the emergency services, we are told, arrived very quickly. and they arrived here quickly and they are still here tonight. and this means the entire motorway has been closed. they have just opened up the third lane to allow some traffic to clear the m5, so the traffic that has been stuck here for hours is now making its way out. but that i think is a temporary measure, it's just to get rid of the bottleneck and the emergency services will remain at the scene and it seems that the motorway could remain closed for some time. of course, this is the main road that goes from the midlands, down to the south—west of england. it's very close to the m4 which connects south wales and london. so there are lots of diversions, lots of delays tonight, but everybody i've spoken to hasn't
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been worrying about the delays it's had on their own lives. they've just been thinking of this horrific crash and the fact that at least four people's lives have been lost. borisjohnson has renewed the controversial claim that britain will save £350 million a week by leaving the eu, which can be spent on the nhs. the foreign secretary was setting out his vision of what he called britain's glorious future after brexit, in a newspaper article. labour's barry gardiner said the government divisions have now been laid bare, and accused mrjohnson of plotting a challenge to theresa may's leadership. it's all about boris. this isjust ridiculous. we have a cabinet in chaos. we have a prime minister who is openly being talked of as being challenged within weeks. we have a government that is supposed to be negotiating our future at the most critical stage of these
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negotiations in europe, and we now have a foreign secretary who is launching his own challenge to the prime minister, setting out his stall before she makes her major speech on the eu in florence this thursday. this is quite ridiculous. with regard to the claim about £350 million, this is something that the office of national statistics, which is the watchdog for these things, has already said is a bogus statistic, that politicians were wrong to use in the referendum campaign. it's the gross figure, not the net, and it should not be used. for boris to have made the mistake over a year ago in using that figure is one thing. to do it again is mendacious. it's notjust being a bad statistician, it is actually telling fibs to the british people, and we need to nail it. the labourmp, the labour mp, barry gardiner. we have an update on the house
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search which is taking place in sunbury—on—thames in surrey. following the bombing at parsons green yesterday. we are hearing from surrey police that residents can return home but they are saying the cord and will remain in place around cavendish road which is the focus of the search and residents will be escorted back to their homes, they said the police operation continues but there are no safety risks. the cord bash cordon remains in place at cavendish road but residents can return home. ryanair is facing a wave of complaints, after announcing it is cancelling up to 50 flights a day for the next six weeks. the move could affect hundreds of thousands of people. and some passengers who've already flown abroad with ryanair, have been informed by text
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that their flight back to the uk has been cancelled. our business correspondent joe lynam reports. it's europe's busiest airline, but it's grounding hundreds of its own planes. in doing so it is ruining holidays for thousands of its own customers, some of whom found themselves stranded overseas having been notified by text or e—mail by ryanair. the next flight to newcastle is next thursday. we cannot get through to anybody on ryanair, we can't get through to a manager, the app does not work. if you phone ryanair all you get is "we are having a large volume of calls." you bet! ryanair says air traffic control issues and the weather as well as a surge in pilots and cabin crew taking holidays is forcing them to ground up to 50 flights a day until the end of october. that means passengers set to fly in the coming weeks simply do not know whether their flight will take off. it could be cancelled right up to the moment they arrive at the airport. the spin that ryanair is putting on this is saying we want to make our timekeeping
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better, so we're putting more planes on the ground in case something goes wrong. from a passenger's perspective, someone like me who has a booking in the next few weeks, that looks like total tosh. basically it is a massive administrative foul up. basically the cabin crew and pilots are taking holiday before the end of the year. so what could you get back? eu rules say you're entitled to a new flight orfull compensation, if your flight is cancelled. the airline also has to cover food and accommodation if you're stranded and it should offer to pay for a flight with a rival airline if it cannot get you on a flight to your destination. this means that these cancellations could cost the enigmatic boss of ryanair, michael 0'leary, up to £100 million. passengers potentially booking elsewhere? priceless. the headlines on bbc news: police say they are keeping an open
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mind on whether there was more than one person responsible for the parsons green bombing. a man was arrested in dover this morning. at least four people have died in a crash involving a lorry on the m5 motorway in gloucestershire. the foreign secretary, borisjohnson, revives his controversial pledge that brexit will free up billions of pounds of extra funding for the nhs. sport now and a full round up from the bbc sport centre. manchester city underlined their title credentials with an impressive 6—0 win over watford to leapfrog rivals manchester united and top the premier league table this evening. striker sergio aguero scored a hat trick, two of them coming in the first half, his third ten minutes from full time. gabrieljesus, nicolas 0tamendi and raheem sterling with a late penalty putting the gloss on the day
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— that's 15 unanswered goals in three matches, to follow victories over feyernoord and liverpool. it is complex, after the champions league game away, and to make this performance, i did not expect to win in this way. just i'm so happy for the players. for their commitment, for all of them, three more points, and especially for the way we played. spurs failed to follow up their champions league win over borussia on wednesday, after a frustrating 0—0 draw with swansea this evening. despite 75% possession and 26 shots, the home side couldn't make the breakthrough, as alex gulrajani reports. wembley is starting to feel like home for tottenham, harry kane has been crucial to that, four goals in his last two games and with confidence in abundance, anything
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seemed possible. swansea had recovered for now but that did not stop spurs coming forward, the visitors had to be at their best to keep them at bay, or that control, but parity on the scoreboard, harry kane thought he had the breakthrough at the start of the second half, frustration started to creep around wembley but the now not on the pitch as harry kane came close again. the england striker did not let up, another chance, but the elusive goal remained so, and he did not get any help from the referee, now the players started showing their irritation. they had one last go at goal, kieran trippier inches away from what surely have won the game, but instead spurs have to make do with a point, but they should really have converted it into three points. let's see how the top of the table looks then and city sit top with 13 points. but they've played a game more than city rivals united, they take on everton at home tomorrow. chelsea are in third, they also play tomorrow against arsenal. while newcastle's 2—1 win
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over stoke, their third successive league victory, moves them into fourth. huddersfield are sixth, they drew 1—1 draw with leicester, just ahead of burnley and liverpool who also drew 1—1. at the bottom, a 1—0 defeat in roy hodgson‘s first game as crystal palace manager sees them rooted to the foot of the table still, no points and no goals scored. bournemouth are just above them while west ham are in 18th, following their 0—0 draw with west brom today. championship side birmingham city have sacked manager harry redknapp after six straight defeats in all competitions. the former tottenham and portsmouth boss kept birmingham up last season, after taking charge with three games remaining. but after agreeing a one—year deal and signing 1a players over the summer, the blues currently sit second bottom and were beaten 3—1 at home by preston today. cricket and england are playing the west indies in a twenty20 match ahead of their five
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match 0di series. england won the toss at chester le street and chose to field in the day night game. the windies got off to a flying start with chris gayle, who didn't feature in the recent test series, making a quick fire a0 before being run out. fellow opener evin lewis made 51. but the visitors went from 106 for one to 165 for eight. rain stopped play with the score at 167—8. play has now started again. west indies are 168—9. that's all sport for now. there'll be more sport through the evening, martine. but sebastian vettel will be on pole position for the grand prix tomorrow in singapore, by the way. in syria, russian troops have taken control of the eastern city of deir al—zor, forcing out so—called islamic state fighters. the city had been held by is for three years. russia's presence in the country has helped president assad hold onto power, despite the country's civil war. the bbc‘s steve rosenberg is the first british journalist
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to enter deir al—zor, since is was driven out. on a russian military helicopter, we are heading east across syria. we are escorted by two gunships in case we come under attack. eventually, we arrive in deir al—zour, a city only starting to recoverfrom a nightmare. for three years, this part of town was cut off from the rest of the world, surrounded by is fighters. well, with the help of russian air power, the syrian army broke that siege just a few days ago. now people here tell us that is militants have been pushed back around three miles. but security is still a concern. russian special forces accompany us to the market. the syrian soldiers here, well, they're a little more relaxed. supplying the city with food and drink and medicine is easier now. during the siege, deir al—zour had to rely on humanitarian aid by air.
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thanks to god, thanks to the syrian army and the russian army, this man says. syria is victorious. there is still fighting in deir al—zour, but the syrian army has reclaimed much territory in and around the city. this oil—rich region was the heart of islamic state's economy. defeating is here would be a major victory for president assad. life may be returning to this city, but there's still danger here. steve rosenberg, bbc news, deir al—zour. north korea's leader kimjong un has said his goal is to match the military power of the united states. his comments come after the united nations security council described the latest missile test overjapan as highly provocative. washington has again warned pyongyang of possible military action. but russia and china say diplomacy is the only solution. stephen mcdonnell
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reports from seoul. north korea has released footage which it says is of its latest ballistic missile test, the day after it was carried out. also images of an elated kim jong un, present at the site. the country's state media has quoted their leader as saying "this was to achieve equilibrium force, so that the us would not even talk about a military move against his regime". across the pacific, washington is considering its next move. we've been kicking the can down the road and we're out of road. so for those who have said and been commenting about the lack of a military option, there is a military option. it's not what we would prefer to do. we call on all nations to address this global problem, short of war. when the us administration talks about everyone,
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that really means china. yet beijing says it's the americans who are not upholding their end of the un sanctions bargain. translation: the un resolution also calls for reopening dialogue and resolving the issue through consulations. the resolutions should be implemented fully. meanwhile, with no solution in sight, the public in south korea and japan are left wondering what their futures might hold. in both countries, it's not only the hawks who are considering if they are being adequately protected from a nuclear armed neighbour. here in seoul, not surprisingly, the current crisis is dominating politics. there's an opposition party petition being circulated, in an attempt to create ten million south korean signatures calling for the reintroduction of tactical nuclear weapons here. the government says this willjust inflame the situation here. 0ne hour's driveaway, north korea
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says it is close to reaching full nuclear capability. a koala has been rescued after it crawled into the wheel arch of a vehicle and went on a ten mile journey. the female was found clinging to the axle of a 4—wheel drive after the driver stopped and heard her cries. the wheel had to be taken off to free the animal, but it was uninjured and after a few days of resting and feeding in captivity, it was released into the forest. a bit ginger, but she got the idea. weather with sarah keith lucas. good evening, after a day of
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sunshine and showers on saturday, that theme continues for sunday but most of the showers that we had earlier are starting to move away, still some heavy ones in southern england and southern wales, you could even hear thunder, especially around the channel islands, but most of the people will have a dry night. maybe a touch of frost in the north, but fewer showers compared to what we had on saturday. we will have a few showers in the south sunday morning, and then inland we might have a few rogue isolated showers cropping up through the afternoon, most of us avoiding them, temperatures round 15—18, during monday, breezy around the south coast, feeling cool, but most of us dry and the chance of catching a passing isolated shower and top temperatures around 13—17 degrees. hello.
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this is bbc news — the headlines: police are investigating whether more than one person was involved in the parsons green bomb attack after an 18—year—old man was arrested in the departure area at the port of dover. at this stage, we are keeping an open mind around whether more than one person is responsible for the attack and we are still pursuing numerous lines of inquiry and at great pace. detectives have been searching a house in sunbury—on—thames in connection with the attack on the london tube. surrounding properties were evacuated earlier, surrey police have just told residents that they may return home. at least four people have died in a crash on the m5 motorway in south gloucestershire. a lorry went through the central reservation, hitting at least two other vehicles. borisjohnson has revived his contested claim that leaving the eu could save the uk 350 million pounds a week. writing in the daily telegraph, the foreign secretary said a lot of that amount could be spent
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on the nhs. and hundreds of thousands of ryanair passengers are warned their flights could be cancelled during the next six weeks, in a bid to improve the punctuality.


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